Because we can experience freezing temperatures here in the Northwest, Sound Irrigation recommends properly winterizing your irrigation system to safeguard against freezing and to prolong the life of the system.

 Service Includes:

This service includes:

  • Turning off the main water supply to the irrigation system
  • Using compressed air to completely clear all lines of water
  • Deactivating controller and valves.

 Our Guarantee

“Sound Irrigation guarantees your winterization service. If Sound Irrigation performs your Winterization Service before freezing temperatures arrive and freeze damage occurs in the system over the winter, Sound Irrigation will make any needed repairs, at our cost.”

Rate – $95.00

Want to get the Winterization Service for even less?…Talk to your neighbors or home association members. If you can get 3 or more Winterization Services booked in your neighborhood at the same time it’s only $75.00 per Winterization Service.

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