Irrigation Installation Services

Sound Irrigation has a proven record of irrigation experience. Our installs include only the very best materials, superb customer service, and proven installation methods to ensure the highest quality of workmanship and the best possible customer experience.


Our installation professionals have over 25 years experience installing high quality irrigation systems. We hand select every component to ensure the best system for your specific landscape. We stand behind our designs with a full three year coverage warranty. Our trenchless installation method results in the least obtrusive installation possible for your established landscaping.

In other words….when we finish a job our goal is to leave almost no evidence that we were ever there.

 Also included in every installation:

  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor
  • 1st years winterization and startup services *exceptions may apply
  • initial backflow certification

 Rachio Wi-Fi Smart Irrigation Controller included in every installation

Wi-Fi Smart Sprinkler Controllers give you control of your sprinklers and watering bill, right from your smart phone. Rachio turns your local forecasts, soil and plant types, sun exposure and more into a customized watering schedule that saves you water and money.

  • Saves Money. Get up to 50% off your water bill with a Rachio Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller while giving your plants exactly the water they need to thrive.
  • Monitor Your Yard From Anywhere. Smartphone App lets you check or adjust your sprinklers at anytime – from home, work or away including alerts.
  • Protects Water Resources. By limiting the over use of your sprinkler system, Wi-Fi Weather Based Controllers like Rachio reduce excess water run-off that carries fertilizers and pest control chemicals into our shared water supply.
  • Conserves Water. Never waste a drop – the Rachio Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller knows to skip watering before, during or after rain.

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