Spring 2017

Spring is here… Finally!!!

Things are really starting to ramp up around here. We’re excited to have a new full-time employee with us- Tyler. You can read more about him on our About us page.

This is the time of year to get your systems activated and back flow’s certified. Due to the unusually cold winter, there may be a few more repairs to make of than in years past. Start early by getting on our Spring Turn On schedule. We are beginning residential turnons Tuesday, April 4th.

We’re excited to announce a new up and coming commercial project for the team at Sound Irrigation. We will be doing the irrigation at the new Bellevue Marriott this spring and summer. That should be a lot of fun to get our hands on.

Our Kichler lighting design packages are really taking off. We’re getting a lot of good feedback. We’re still waiting on the integrated lighting to come in- we’re hoping by May, fingers crossed!

Rain Bird has released their new Wifi Smart Controller – it’s about time!  This enables us to add another high-quality wifi controller along with the awesome Rachio Gen 2.