Trenchless Installation

Sound Irrigation uses a Vibratory Plow to install the piping of your sprinkler system. This system of installing pipe is a more efficient, cost effective and cleaner way to put pipe in the ground.

 Difference between the standard trencher and the vibratory plow

Both trenchers and vibratory plows install pipe and cable in the ground, but they accomplish the job by entirely different methods. A trencher opens a trench in which material is placed and then covered with soil. A vibratory plow installs pipe and cable by direct burial procedure.

The machine takes its name from the vibrator component (also called a shaker) mounted on the rear of the plow unit. A blade is attached to the back of the vibrator unit, and the force of the vibrating action facilitates the cutting action of the blade as it moves through the earth.

An installation is made by lowering the blade into the ground and activating the vibrator. By engaging the ground drive, the vehicle moves forward as the shaker continues to operate. Pipe is inserted into a pulling grip, which is connected to the rear of a pulling blade, and material literally is pulled into the ground as the unit moves forward.

 See how it works

 What this means for your yard

Vibratory plows are popular for projects where it is important to limit surface disturbance (like your established landscape). When material is pulled into the ground using this installation method, turf damage is significantly less than when open-cut methods are used like trenching. Depending on soil conditions, turf disturbance often is limited to a small slit left by the path of the blade. Surface restoration is much faster and cleaner than filling in open trenches.

Typical uses for vibratory plows include:

  • Irrigation and lawn-sprinkler systems
  • Water and natural gas pipe
  • Telephone and television cable
  • Wire for “invisible” dog fences